Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ahh, the Polish mentality

Obviously, something was going to go wrong while here. I couldn't just be on cloud nine forever.

It really isn't so horrible, but my key wasn't working to get into my room. Lovely. After several attempts by more than one person my door refused to open. So I went down to the administrative office where I waited for no lie, an hour, only for them to tell that I had to go to the front reception desk.

So I told them that my key wasn't working and they told me to just jam it really hard into the lock. I told them I did so the woman came up stairs with me and we finally figured out a trick to get it open. woot. But then a man showed up and sprayed some WD-40 on the key and into the lock and it actually worked. So for now I can get into and out of my room my quite easily. But the whole process and reminded me how entertaining the Polish mentality can be.

"Just jam and push really very hard and try to twist key."


  1. hahaha.... oh Poland... MOM I LOVE YOU!!!!! I Hope you are having FUN!!!! <3

  2. Hahahahahaha.... awww!! Sorry, laughing more at the Polish mentality than anything else. That is amazing.