Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dear Dad, about that Polish boyfriend...

A dear friend recently shared an article entitled "Polish men not beautiful, says website." Apparently, on the website beautifulpeople.com, men and women can send photos of themselves which are then analyzed. After serious scrutiny the website directors decide if these people are really "beautiful." I did not know this website existed, although I can't say I'm surprised. According to Greg Hodge, the managing director, Polish and Russian men are the most likely to be rejected. About only 9% of both Polish and Russian men are voted in, opposed the the 39% of Polish women.

I have to say this is quite discouraging, except for my maybe my father. My dream of a sexy, handsome Polish man sweeping off my feet and living happily ever after in Krakow seems so much more unrealistic now.

So for now Dad, I'm safe. The chance of meeting said dream man is currently on hold until the looks of Poland's men take a turn. Perhaps they can start with getting rid of the mullets and fanny packs. Just a thought.

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