Sunday, November 15, 2009

Poland's National Icon

Poland is one of, if not the, most Catholic countries. When you come to Poland you are bound to run into a Church.. or ten. Its what the country is known for, among other things. That being said, when you come to Poland it is absolutely impossible not to see something dedicated to Pope John Paul II, be it a street name, a university, an airport or just a random plaque on a street corner. JP II is bigger than God in this country. Pope John Paul II was an amazing man and will never be forgotten, especially here in Poland. My roommate Paige told me today about how when she goes to visit her family outside of Krakow, there is a picture of Pope Benedict XVI, but in the background of the picture is JP II. Because while Benedict may be our current Pope, John Paul II will always be around, will always be the "real" Pope. Perhaps you'll all get gifts relating to JP II, maybe a mug, a plate, a card, picture, photograph, postcard... you get the picture.

I recently read an article on about how Chile is facing a current dilemma regarding a statue of Pope John Paul II. Apparently, there is an enormous statue, 45 ft. (13.5 m), currently sitting in a warehouse in Chile because The National Monuments Council refuses to approve the location for the statue, claiming "...the statue was too big for the site and would ruin the harmony of the square." The council also claims "...that was too undignified for such a revered figure as the late Pope John Paul." The desired location is currently above an underground car park. The sculptor is deliberating over what to do with this statue now. I think I know the answer.

In my opinion... when in doubt, if it has to do with JP II, just send it to Poland. This country will have absolutely no problem finding a place to put anything commemorating this amazing man. In fact, it would be honor to have the biggest statue ever of John Paul II.

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