Saturday, December 12, 2009

Uczę się języka polskiego.

Minus the dreary clouds, cold weather and darkness creeping in at ridiculous hours, I do love Poland. Learning the language is proving to be more challenging than previously thought, however, I am relishing in the fun of it as much as I can.

Today I share with you some of my favorite words/phrases.

1. Książka: noun. (Kih-sean-shka... this is best phonetical pronunciation I have for you) It means "book." As is in, "Lubię czytam książkę. I like to read book." I realize the vocab word is spelled differently than the word in my sentence, but, as previously mentioned Polish is a grammar party, so the ending changes for the noun because of what I'm saying and which verb I'm using. And yes, I mean book, not books, because if it were plural, then there would be another ending. "Lubię czytam książki. I like to read books."

2. Skręcić: verb. (Skren-cheech) To turn. "Skręcić w lewo. Turn left." I just like the way it sounds.

3. Jestem głodna jak wilk. (Yestem gwo-d-na yak veelk) "I am hungry like wolf." Its an expression used the same way we use "I'm so hungry I could eat a cow." By the way, if you are a man saying this, you say "Jestem głodny jak wilk." Instead of saying głodna (gwo-d-na) you say głodny (gwo-d-neh.)

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  1. Lubię czytać książkę. This is the only error that I could see but as I learn more I am sure that I will see some more errors in my own work also. Well done for going to Poland to learn Polish, I wish that I could do the same.