Sunday, May 9, 2010

Places I frequent: Part One.

There are several spots in Krakow that I frequent. I love to explore new restaurants and new cafes, but when in doubt I know I can always resort to specific places that will never let me down. So should you ever visit Krakow, which I highly suggest you do, please don't hesitate to check these places out. I will update periodically with other hot spots, but for now, enjoy these two.

Hot Spot Number One: Da Gregorio Pizzeria AKA "Pizza Bacon"
Ulica Stradomska 11, Krakow

One night, several friends and I were searching for a restaurant to grab some dinner. Literally, walking around the city forever, our friend Dave noticed a pizzeria. Since we were all starving, anything sounded great. This small quaint pizzeria turned out to have THE BEST pizza in all of Krakow. Seriously. We ordered a house special pizza called "Pizza Bacon." This pizza was so delicious that it is the only thing my dear roommate orders when we go there for dinner. From that point on, we called the restaurant "Pizza Bacon" rather than its actual name. To be honest, I couldn't remember the actual name until I looked at this sign. At least once a week we go to "Pizza Bacon" and now the waitress there knows who we are and what we want. This restaurant is hardly ever full, but don't let that fool you. It has won several awards and deserves every single one. So, if you are ever in Krakow and want some pizza go to Da Gregorio.

Hot Spot Number Two: Camera Cafe
Ulica Wiƛlna 5, Krakow

When walking into this cafe, one will notice the photos all over the walls of American Movies. It is not exactly a cozy cafe and is a little expensive because of the location. It almost seems like a chain cafe (though I'm not sure if it is.) So, why would I frequent this establishment when there are so many smaller, cozier and more original places? My friend Caroline and I both agree on this one fact... Camera Cafe has the best hot chocolate in Krakow. Honestly, I've tried hot chocolate in other cafes and the kind Camera Cafe serves is superior. There are several flavors (plain, mint, raspberry etc. etc.) and all are delicious. Its thick, creamy and perfectly sweet. It was the ideal way to warm up on the many cold days this winter. So when I am craving something chocolate and sweet, without fail, Camera Cafe will satisfy my craving.