Saturday, January 23, 2010

An evolutionary phenomenon

Everyday I wake up and go to class. In order to get to class, I must walk to the tram. In order to walk to the tram, I must cross the daunting sheet of ice that covers the parking lot and conveniently all the sidewalks leading to the tram. Without fail, I slip everyday and there have been several full wipe outs. Granted, a bruise on the thigh hurts but more than anything else its my pride that's damaged. What's crazy is why/how my pride is hurt. You may think, "well, Laura you did just wipe out and fall on your butt. That can be embarrassing. But it happens to everyone." Yes, it can be embarrassing. But fortunately for me, well rather unfortunately slipping on ice lies on the lower end of my embarrassing spectrum. Oh, college.
And, more importantly... No! No it does not happen to everyone! Not to Polish women for sure! They alone are the ones who make me feel and look like an idiot. They manage to skate by on the ice, without slipping, let alone falling. It amazes me. They scurry across in HEELS and manage to successfully make it to their destination with ease. Thankfully, I am not the only one who notices, several of my friends observe this bizarre phenomenon too. I swear its genetic. Somehow over time, polish women's genetic makeup was altered to adjust to this seasonal occurrence allowing them to not slip and fall when walking on ice.
So until spring hits and the ice melts, I will wait and hope that maybe someday I'll see a Polish woman wipe out therefore disproving my theory and making me feel a little bit better.

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