Friday, January 8, 2010

How pigeons make my resume interesting.

After living in Krakow for a couple months, there are several things I've come to realize.

1. You wait, because that's just what you do. Especially in the post office. (This is Poland as a whole, not just specific to Krakow)
2. Sidewalks need not be shoveled after it snows.
3. Always give exact change
4. Pigeons are everywhere.

The list goes on.

However, I realized I can use these bizarre traits to my advantage, especially those relating to pigeons. Yes, pigeons (I prefer the name, rats with wings). The city is full of them. The market square is constantly carpeted by these annoying creatures. They are so plentiful, that I've seen children drowning in pigeons because their parents think its a great photo opt. You see, parents hand there kids some bread to feed the pigeons, and within minutes they are swimming in a sea of feathers, poop and filth.

So, how can I use these creatures to my advantage? Well, another thing one must be wary of while in Krakow, is that pigeons do not feel the need to avoid you. You must avoid the pigeons. On numerous occasions I've seen people nearly taken out by these birds. Whether you duck, jump or just hold your hands to your face for protection, you must be on the look out for those stray birds coming right towards you or for those sudden flocks that just take off from the ground, regardless if you happen to be walking through.

Over these few months I believe I've mastered the art of avoiding pigeons. Everyday is an adventure. By the time I leave, I believe I can add it to my resume, perhaps as a special skill.

Laura Mikulski, Professional Pigeon Dodger.

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