Thursday, April 29, 2010

Could I really miss winter?

Missing winter time?? How is that possible? Well, lets take a moment to assess. Do I miss the cold weather, aka wearing six layers of pants and shirts topped off with a heavy coat? No. Do I miss the snow and ice covered side walks? Of course not. Do I miss falling on my butt because of said sidewalks? My butt says NO! Do I miss how the constant darkness consumed all my energy and soul? Hell no.
So what could I possibly miss about Krakow during the winter time? Easy. The lack of tourists. The winter was harsh, both physically and mentally. But during that time, it was the real city. The streets were not packed with people awing and ooing at everything, (not that I blame them, the city is beautiful.) Those who wandered around lived, worked, or studied here. Of course there were the occasional tourists, but nothing like now. Today the city square is full of people from everywhere, with their fanny packs and cameras. And, it is not that I mind tourists, technically. I think seeing the world and traveling in general is an important part of life, but it is that I am now grouped into the "tourist crowd." My Polish is no where near perfect, so yes, I mostly speak English. However, I know Krakow. I understand the culture, the city, the life. I know where there are great cafes. I know the restaurants that are worth going to and those that are not. I know the history. I have the tune of the Bugler in St. Mary's Church memorized.
I just miss seeing the city how it is majority of the year. The empty streets. Only hearing Polish spoken. I miss having the sense that "this is the real Krakow." So, yea, in some weird way, I miss the winter time.


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  2. "But during that time, it was the real city. "
    Thank God I was there to see that happen! just beautiful !
    But I think that during summer it's something like that... when I arrived in August it was WILD!!!
    Miss you and Krakow... a lot!