Friday, April 9, 2010


Happy Easter! Through numerous entries I've emphasized how Catholic Poland is, therefore it is no surprise Easter is a big holiday as well. Most of Poland's traditions are similar to those in the states. For example, Poles paint easter eggs and have Easter baskets (not sure if the Easter bunny plays the same part.) Lamb is also a main course mean for Easter. Just like at Christmas, Krakow has an Easter market selling colorful eggs, baskets, flowers and other festive goodies.

However, warning to all those who may be in Poland on Easter Monday, for you may fall victim to Śmigus Dyngus or Lany Poniedziałek or Wet Monday! Traditionally, young men would splash young women with buckets of water! The more drenched a woman got
the more likely she would get married within the year. The following Tuesday, however, women sought revenge and splashed men. It is also believed to represent the Baptism of Poland in 966 AD when Poland converted to Christianity. However, over the years this tradition has changed, and now, no matter your gender, you run the risk of getting splashed with water. Unfortunately,
Easter Monday in Kraków this year was rainy.

My Easter break, as well my 23rd Birthday was spent in Frankfurt, Germany visiting a family friend. I had a wonderful time. It was nice to get away and see a familiar face. I love Poland, but that break was exactly what I needed. Frankfurt is a pretty spectacular city. Its the only city in Germany that has a real skyline, with a few high rises. It was a pretty chilly weekend, but I made the most of my time and had a wonderful host/tour guide.

I hope your Easter celebrations were wonderful!

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  1. :) I really enjoyed reading this :D it's so Laura style
    It made me miss you even more.
    (I bet you already know that I would have splashed Paige in her bed). >:) muhahhaha