Thursday, October 22, 2009

I feel Frumpy. Oh, so Frumpy.

Today I dedicate my blog to the fashionable style of Poles, well, Europeans in general. Each day a young woman is dressed fabulous head to toe. Her style beginning with a snazzy haircut. Hair salons can be found on almost any street in Poland. In fact, there is one located on the first floor of my dorm. It seems Poles, especially women, pride themselves on their hair. Of course, with all the gorgeous Polish women there are also those who should walk right back to the hair salon and demand their money back for their butchered job. On that note, I miss and greatly appreciate Linda for her wonderful talent and for just being a fabulous person!
I have yet to see a Polish woman, older than a teenager that is, wear a plain or graphic t-shirt. A nice blouse, sweater or just simple shirt is worn. Jeans are quite popular among most Poles. Thank god, because 99% of the time I am wearing jeans.
But the true topper, are the shoes. I love shoes, so basically I am in heaven. There are boots galore and every woman wears boots. Whether they are adorable ankle boots or sexy knee high leather boots. Heels of course are also popular. I rarely see women wearing sneakers, and if I do, they are fashionable sneakers, not white exercise sneakers.

All the fashion here makes me feel so frumpy and plain. It's reached a point where I don't even want to walk to the kitchen to cook dinner in my gray sweatpants and t-shirt. However, were I home in the States this wouldn't be a second thought. In some ways, I am happy for this change. It forces me to take a second glance in the mirror on the way out the door just to make sure I look presentable for the day. Americans are frumpy. There I said it. We are. But ya know, sometimes I really enjoy my baggy sweatpants and worn out t-shirt.

While I find the fashion here wonderful, there are still some things I don't understand. For example, its fashionable here to wear tights underneath shorts. And they are not just plain neutral color tights. They are patterned and colorful stockings. I don't think its ugly, but I don't quite think I could pull it off nor am I eager to try.

Well, hopefully, my style will improve and become glamorous while here and I can spread it back to the States once I come home! ;-)

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  1. Shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous, they look fabulous!