Wednesday, October 28, 2009

In a nutshell

My dear friends I finally have an answer for you. So many ask the question, "So what is Polish really like? Is it really that difficult to learn?" My usual answer consists of a mundane response, leaving no real description of the challenge I, and all other brave souls who try to conquer this language, face on daily basis. "Oh, it is difficult. Yea, really really hard."
Well no more prosaic answers. I officially have the best description one can possibly create about learning Polish. Norman Davies, a British Historian, says it best.
"Everyone visiting Poland has to try and speak the language. After all,
its really not that difficult. In fact, the pronunciation is extremely regular.
All you need is a split palate, a rubber jaw, steel teeth, a forked tongue,
large gaps between your teeth to release the excess saliva, and twenty years
of practice. That's when you can say Kopiec Kościuszki without using an umbrella."

Thank dear sir, for adequately describing the Polish language. In those brief sentences you put into words what I've tried to explain for weeks.

*Norman Davies is a British Historian who lived and studied in Poland. The time he spent here developed into a profound love of the country and its history. This quote is from a guest lecture he gave at The Summer School of Polish Language and Culture at the Jagiellonian University in 1995.


  1. Nicely put! I hear my Babci and her sisters talking and they make sounds I did not know humans could make...

  2. haha well I admire you for trying! Learning another language is so not as fun as you would think sometimes...