Thursday, March 11, 2010

Gdzie jest tolieta?

The simple question one learns before jetting off to a foreign country is "Where is the bathroom?" And even through broken english, one can usually decipher the directions to the desired destination. Even if a wrong turn is taken, the bathroom is usually found. Logical steps take place next. Girls enter the bathroom that either says "ladies" in the native language or the door is equipped with a picture of woman in a skirt. Once inside, your business is your own.

However, in Poland, the simple act of using the bathroom stresses me out. Mostly because Poles don't feel the need to use the word "kobieta" for woman, or even use that famous image of the skirted damsel. No, no, no. That makes sense and this is Poland. The method used here is the circle and the triangle. Women are circles and men are triangles. I've lived in Poland for about a year now, if you include my semester in Poznan. I can never remember which is which. Before I leave the dinner table or movie theater lobby, I have to double check with my friends that the circle is meant for women. As a result of frustration, I developed a way to remember that the circle is for woman, but sorry my avid readers, its not quite appropriate to share. Yet, even with this little game I have in my head, I always need reassurance from whomever I'm with at that particular moment.

Perhaps by the end of my time here, I'll remember, but until then I hope a friend is around whenever I need to use the restroom.

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  1. Very intersting. I am pretty sure I know what your way of remembering is... :-)