Sunday, March 21, 2010


Yesterday, several friends and I took a day trip to a town right outside of Krakow called Pszczyna (Yes, there is a way to pronounce it.) The first day of spring was beautiful, so it was a perfect time to take trip. The main attraction is the Pszczyna castle which was constructed in the 13th Century but because of the various renovations it looks more like a palace today. What I found most interesting was William II resided there during WWI and served as a headquarters of sort. Just after WWII it was turned in a museum. Its very beautiful inside, especially the music hall with high ceilings and intricate decor.

The town itself is very quaint. The main square is small with several restaurants and shops. There is also a park dedicated to Bison, however we did not go inside (wasn't quite worth the money.) The park on the castle grounds is nice as well and being the first warm day in quite some time, many families were out taking a stroll.

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